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Domestic Cold
Water System

A cold water plumbing system is a network of pipes and fixtures that transport and distribute cold water throughout a building for various purposes, such as drinking, washing, and flushing. The system typically starts with a connection to a main water supply source, such as a municipal water supply and etc.

Sanitary & Waste
Water System

A sanitary and waste water plumbing system is a network of pipes and fixtures that transport and dispose of wastewater and sewage from a building to a treatment plant or septic tank. The system is designed to prevent the spread of disease and to protect public health and the environment.

Hot Water

A hot water plumbing system is a network of pipes and fixtures that transport and deliver hot water throughout a building. The system is designed to provide hot water for various purposes, such as bathing, washing, and cooking.


An electrical system refers to the collection of electrical components and devices that work together to generate, transmit, distribute, and use electrical power. The basic components of an electrical system include power generation plants, transformers, transmission lines, distribution networks, and electrical devices such as motors, switches, and lights.

About Us

WIS M&E ENGINEERING is a full-service construction firm specializing in commercial and residential projects. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results on time and within budget.

WIS M&E ENGINEERING is a CIDB registered construction firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor that specializes in cold water & hot water plumbing, sanitary plumbing and electrical services. We take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of services, including design-build, general contracting, project management and construction consulting. Our team of skilled professionals has the expertise and experience to tackle any projects, from small renovations to large-scale commercial developments.

We believe that communication is key to a successful project, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver a finished product that they will be proud to call their own.

To understand more detail about our services and how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our diverse project list includes commercial, residential and industry living space.

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